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I am building a custom R installer, following the instruction in "R Installation and Administration" I've installed the latest Rtools212.exe and Inno Setup.

After successfully running tar --no-same-owner -xf R-2.12.1.tar.gz

I've then run make all recommended from R_HOME\src\gnuwin32 and it runs ok until I get the following message:

building package 'base'

cannot create /tmp/R860644: directory nonexistent

mv: cannot stat '/tmp/R860644': No such file or directory

make[3]: ***[mkR] Error 1

make[2]: ***[all] Error 2

make[1]: ***[R] Error 1

make: ***[all] Error 2

After checking the instruction, I thought it was about the environment variable TMPDIR not being set properly. So I tried two options:

  1. create c:\tmp folder
  2. add TMPDIR to the windows environment variable and set the value as c:\DDDD (an existing folder). I then checked the value of TMPDIR in R console by typing Sys.getenv("TMPDIR"), and the change was confirmed.

To my surprise, however, I still got the same error. It looks like: 1. the make commander can not find the default /tmp, which is actually existing; 2. the change of TMPDIR has not been recognized in this occasion, the make commander still try to find the default directory, rather than the changed one.

I also searched online for this problem, and from what I can find, I have done what people had suggested, so now I am stuck.

Can anyone give me some suggestions? Any help appreciated.

Regards, Shu

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well, I just found a solution for my question, I typed in "set TMPDIR=c:/DDDD" in the command window, and this time no error has been presented. But I still wonder why my initial tryouts did not work.

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