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I have the following setup

  • Todos have Notes
  • Notes are authored by Users


class Todo {
    protected $notes;

class Note {
    protected $todo;
    protected $author;

class User {
    // does not have any link to Note. 

User does not have any link to Note, how do I then cascade my persist there. I thought Note being the owning side of the relationship, I just need $note->author = $user. And won't need something like $user->getNotes()->add($author). I was thinking if in my app, if I don't need to access Notes from Users, I don't add a link to clutter my class.

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I'm not sure if I get this right, but; if your User doesn't have a reference to their notes then you won't need to cascade any actions because it's a uni-directional relationship.

Be sure to re-read Working with Associations.

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