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I have a configuration file in YAML format with some paths in my rails applications like this:

    :path1: /a/b/c
    :path2: /a/:id/c

path1 doesn't helps too much. I need that every time I use config[:path2] to somehow replace the :id with a value I have. It is possible?

Hope this was clear enough. Thanks!

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I did a function that replaces the :id with the value I need but I wanted a better / more flexible way of doing this... such as just using config[:path2] and somehow replace that symbol in it with my value... – Clawsy Jan 28 '11 at 7:21
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You can use a bit of ERB.

# config.yml
    :path1: /a/b/c
    :path2: /a/<%= id %>/c
    :path3: <%= path3 %>


id = "23"
path3 = "hello/world"

t ="config.yml"))
c = YAML.load(t.result(binding).to_s)

# => /a/23/c
# => /hello/world
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Thanks for the answer. Even if it doesn't help in my situation where :id changes a lot after the application started... – Clawsy Jan 28 '11 at 14:17

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