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I created a view in a Sharepoint 2007 (SP) list, I included some filters in this view. Internally, SP have generated a CAML. I need to change this generated CAML and include more complex conditions in the where clause, after that, I have to save it to the view and then, test the results.

Is there a tool that let me do this?

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Dunno if this helps - for Development using SP Web Services, we previously used the U2U CAML generator on MOSS2007.

However, it seems there is a new tool on CodePlex - CAML Generator

But I haven't developed in SP for a while tho ...

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thanks nonnb, please let me ask you if you know about an executable tool (.exe). Thanks!! –  vizcayno Jan 28 '11 at 7:47
You can download the CAML generator App here - you need SP installed u2u.info/Blogs/karine/Lists/Posts/… –  StuartLC Jan 28 '11 at 12:33

If you are talking about a tool that is an advanced version of the out of the box ViewEdit.aspx page, I do not know that such a tool exists.

If you want to create a custom List Definition, then I would WSPBuilder or STSDEV to create the feature and solution package for your custom List Definition containing the CAML generated by the U2U CAML Query Builder.

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