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i have


the click event for certain condition . after that i want to resume that click event .how to do this ?

      jQuery('#div1 span').click(function(){
            if(jQuery('#div1 a:last').hasClass('current'))
            jQuery('#div1 span').unbind(click);

            jQuery('#div1 a').click(function(){

//here i want to resume click event for #div1 span is this possible

        <div id ="div1"><span></span><a></a><a></a><a></a></div>

Here when the current class is not with last anchor i want to trigger click on span

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Please provide more info. – rahul Jan 28 '11 at 7:46

You can explicitly .bind()help and .unbind()help a method:

function my_click_handler(event) {
    // click handler code

// bind that handler to #element
$('#element').bind('click', my_click_handler);

// remove the handler
$('#element').unbind('click', my_click_handler);

// bind again
$('#element').bind('click', my_click_handler);
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It might be easier if you just checked for a variable like clickHandlerEnabled in your onclick event handler instead of unbinding and re-binding the event handler.

If it's element-specific you could store it in its `data()``:

$('.elem').click(function(e) {
    if($(this).data('clickDisabled')) {

And to set it:

$('#someElem').data('clickDisabled', true /* or false to re-enable clicks */);
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if you call Jquery click event again under other condition to resume it, jquery will automatically bind it again.

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i'm not loading page – Gowri Jan 28 '11 at 11:10

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