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I want to create a 1.0 application that uses WCF calls with the Blackberry Playbook Tablet.

Which technology is easier to make a CRUD application using WCF: Webworks, or Playbook?

The WCF service is very flexible in how calls are done... javascript, soap, etc, so I just want to know what client technology will help me churn out a quick productivity application?

It would be great if you can mention what is a closer fit to my skillset as well: C#, Javascript, and to a lesser extent CSS

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You'll probably want to go with WebWorks, which is HTML + JavaScript. Less of a learning curve for you, plus you don't need to buy any tools.

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I see... so Air isn't free... – LamonteCristo Jan 28 '11 at 15:26
Well, the SDK is free, but most people end up using an Adobe tool like Flash Builder. I think for someone with JavaScript + HTML experience it's easier to go the WebWorks way. – Eric Giguere Jan 28 '11 at 15:35

I've been finding Sencha Touch plus WebWorks to be a great combination.

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