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I have some data in int variables in Java (range between 0 and 64000). How to convert to byte this integer? I need just two lower bytes from int (range is ok). How to extract this?

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You can get the lowest byte from the integer by ANDing with 0xFF:

byte lowByte = (byte)(value & 0xFF);

This works because 0xFF has zero bits everywhere above the first byte.

To get the second-lowest-byte, you can repeat this trick after shifting down all the bits in the number 8 spots:

byte penultimateByte = (byte)((value >> 8) & 0xFF);
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+1 although it's not a trick, it's called "arithmetic shift" ;-) – Linus Kleen Jan 28 '11 at 9:06

You don't have to do AND operation to get the lower byte just cast it to the byte and get the lower byte in the byte variable.

try following both will give you same result

short value = 257;
byte low = (byte) value;
System.out.println("low: " + low);
byte high = (byte)(value >> 8);
System.out.println("high: " + high);

value = 257;
low = (byte) (value & 0xFF);
System.out.println("low: " + low);
high = (byte) ((value >> 8) & 0xFF);
System.out.println("high: " + high);

or try it on

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