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I use devise for authentication and want the following to work:

  1. User logs in at [].
  2. The user makes a payment at []
  3. The user returns to [] to continue using the system

I am following this tutorial:

but am at the part where I need to make Devise do what authlogic does here. Help!! ;)

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I may be a little late to this, but for those looking in the future, it's a fairly easy solution. Add this to your environment's config file:

Rails3App::Application.config.session_store :cookie_store, :key => '_rails3_app_session', :domain => :all
# change "Rails3App" to the name of your rails app.

The important part of that is :domain => :all, since that tells Rails to allow subdomains as well. Others have suggested using :domain => "", but :domain => :all does the job and doesn't require you to put in your domain name.

Note: if it doesn't work when you restart the server, you probably have a session_store.rb file in your initializers/ folder that is overriding it. Just change the line in that file, or remove that file and move it to your config.

Also, I had to specifically place the line in my production.rb file since changing it in the session_store.rb file broke my sessions for development (using the IP address).

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Addendum: if it still doesn't work although you're pretty sure you deleted your old cookies, rename the cookie's key – just to make sure. (after hours of troubleshooting, this was all I really had to do to make it work.)

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