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I want to capture the errors from a script into a file instead of to the screen.

In *nix, this is done with stderr redirection, usually

echo "Error" 2> errorfile.log

How do I do it in CMD script under windows?

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For example:

PSKILL NOTEPAD >output.txt 2>&1

This will direct stdout and stderr to a file name output.txt.

See Underused features of Windows batch files for more details.

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If you want them redirected to separate files, you can do mycommand >stdout.txt 2>stderr.txt –  Kip Oct 24 '12 at 16:15

That should work in Win32, too.

If you have already redirected stdout, and want stderr redirected to the same file, you must use the 2>& special form, rather than just specifying the same file twice. Otherwise you'll get a "file busy" error.

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