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Can anyone please tell me how to identify the rows which I added or edited/updated in slickgrid. I am trying to save data to DB using Jquery AJAX. and I am using dataview option. I need to save/update only those rows which are newly added/updated.

Thanks in advance.

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The first thing you need to make sure is that each row was initialized with a unique id from the server side (e.g. the primary key value of the row from the database).

Then you can use the grid.onAddNewRow event as follows

var editedRows = {}
grid.onAddNewRow.subscribe(function(e, args) {
            var item = args.item;
            editedRows[item.id] = item;

When the user clicks the save button, you simply post the editedRowsobject to the server. Your php script can then iterate over the submitted row ids and update all changed rows in the dvs.

Note: my code is untested, but you should check http://mleibman.github.com/SlickGrid/examples/example3-editing.html to get an understanding of editing in slickgrid.

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you can eaily hook the onCellChange event to the grid.

grid.onCellChange = function (row, col, dataRow) {
   //  enter your code here

(row,col) is the current cell and dataRow contains the data in that row.

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