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I am going to develop a career portal which will be mix of a job site, a professionals directory and a companies directory. I currently have this site :

Job posting website,

I have used an open source named jobberbase for it. I am a PHP developer and want to do it in some MVC rapidly and in agile way. Which framework can help me to achieve this. Less time matters but I also want the thing that can be changed easily. I have seen yii and I liked how it generates CRUD. And I think such rapid frameworks with clean code are far better than Open source CMS. I know that Django and rails also do such things. But I want to know that what you think will be better. I currently have much experience in PHP but I can work in Django, rails or spring also if they are the good match. So please tell me pros and cons of them according to my problem. Don't just name many frameworks, I already know so many.

Thanks in advance

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Honestly? If you're a PHP developer at the minute, and you're in a hurry, stick to one of the PHP frameworks. Symfony, Kohana, CodeIgniter, CakePHP, Lithium, or Zend Framework. Any of them would probably do the job just fine.

As a PHP developer beginning to make a move in the direction of Ruby, I could sing the praises of Rails all day: but the fact remains that there's a learning curve to both the language and the framework which, if you're in a hurry, you probably don't need. Take the time to build out the prototype in what you know - if the idea sticks, then maybe you can spend some time rebuilding it in something else.

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Yah right, but it can just have a 1 week learning curve. And then you a good choice can result in much more betterment. Any ways I know CI and Kohana but I think that Yii or Symfony can do it more rapidly after a 2-3days small learning curve. – Hafiz Jan 28 '11 at 12:28
That's definitely a decision you'd have to make for yourself. The simple fact is, you're more productive in a language you know than one you don't. – Stephen Orr Jan 28 '11 at 16:41

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