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In rails 2.3.8 I'm trying to order a query having first the post that has the most comments AND votes.

I've tried to add a new method to the Post model as:

def interestingness
  self.comments_count + self.votes_count

post_of_the_moment = find(:all,   :conditions => ["submitted_at BETWEEN ? and ?", from, to],
                          :order      => :interestingness,
                          :limit      => 10

but this code gives me a Unknown column error.

I also tried this

post_of_the_moment = find(:all,   :conditions => ["submitted_at BETWEEN ? and ?", from, to],
                          :order      => "SUM(comments_count+votes_count) DESC",
                          :limit      => 10

this doesn't give me errors but puts as result only 1 row that has 0 comments and 0 votes.

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks, Augusto

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Try this:

  post_of_the_moment = find(:all, :select => '*, comments_count + votes_count AS total', :conditions => ["submitted_at BETWEEN ? and ?", from, to], :order  => "total DESC", :limit => 10)

I'd also see if you can optimize it be replacing the * above with only the fields you actually need. Also check your MySQL indexes are ok, as you want to avoid a full table scan etc. to sum the counts.

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The reason your first attempt won't work is because 'interestingness' is only calculated after the database query. The database itself is unaware of your model - it's only aware of the columns you have defined in the table. – Dan Hill Jan 28 '11 at 11:29

Figured out the error I was doing: the SUM() in the order was grouping the result set.

This works:

post_of_the_moment = find(:all,   :conditions => ["submitted_at BETWEEN ? and ?", from, to],
                      :order      => "(comments_count+votes_count) DESC",
                      :limit      => 10

Still don't know why I cannot use as a sort field the interestingness method I created.

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interestingness is a Ruby method, but find queries the database. The database doesn't know about anything in the Ruby world. – Zr40 Mar 6 '11 at 11:17

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