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Well, I have this form:

class CaracteristicaForm extends sfForm {

    public function configure() {

            'caracteristica' => new sfWidgetFormInputText(array('default'=>'hola mundo'))

            'caracteristica' => new sfValidatorString(
                    'max_length' => 150,
                    'required' => true

        $this->errorSchema = new sfValidatorErrorSchema($this->validatorSchema);



and then I try to...

$form = new CaracteristicaForm();
$this->embedForm('caracteristica', $form);

but the rendered inputText does not have any value at all.

What am I missing?

Ok, to reproduce this you need to embed this form into another form (mine is a Doctrine child form) so maybe is something about some method changing the value?

Well, passing an array defaults did the trick:

$form = new CaracteristicaForm(array('caracteristica' => $caracteristica));
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Why not try to

$form->setDefault('caracteristica', $caracteristica);

in action?

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