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To include another file in JSP, we use the @include tag

<%@ include file="NameOfFile"%>

In my case i want to include a html file whose name will known during the run-time - i,e from Database.

How can I do this in JSP?

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simply using jsp:include :

<jsp:include page="<%= htmlFileName %>" />

It works in my project where the file is stored in session to reload correctly the part updated with ajax

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Thank you! I was struggling with the syntax and surfing for answers and yours was right to the point and it works for me. – mobibob Mar 7 '10 at 5:17

You can use Include Directives

<%@include file="<%=FileName%>"%>

or JSP Include Action

<jsp:include page="<%=FileName%>"/>

the different is include directive includes a file during the translation phase.

while JSP Include Action includes a file at the time the page is requested

I recommend Spring MVC Framework as your controller to manipulate things. use url pattern instead of parameter.


instead of

Watch this video Spring MVC Framework

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