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I'm wondering how to customize rss feed to have access to all posts on my site.

For example:

mysite.com/rssfeed/0 - 10 recent posts mysite.com/rssfeed/1 - next 10 posts

and so on.

I tried do use:

function mytheme_views_pre_execute(&$view) { if($view->display[$view->current_display]->display_plugin == 'feed'){ if(isset($view->args[1])) $view->pager['current_page'] = $view->args[1]; } }

but this is not working at all.

Can You help me with that?

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It looks like you are using Views to generate your front page and your RSS feed which should give a flexible way to produce customised list for front page and an RSS feed. In your question, you suggest that you are trying to generate a separate feed for each paginated page with only ten items on each RSS feed. Would it be an reasonable solution for use by feed readers and aggregators to just generate one long RSS feed with all the items? –  digitalsean Jul 25 '11 at 14:47

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