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I have a CLR Stored procedure that calls a webmethod. The webmethod call is a somewhat long running taks ( about 3 minutes to complete). The CLR sp does not call Sql server at all, However it times out. How can I adjust the time out. The code is as follows:

    public static int RunSessionForTrid(string sessionName, string trid, out SqlString msg)
        string sxml = GetSessionForTrid(sessionName, trid);
        using (BaaNServices b = new BaaNServices())
                msg = b.BaanSession(sxml);
                return 0;
            catch (Exception ex)
                msg = ex.Message;
                //throw ex;
                return -1;
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ServerProperties->Connections->Remote Query timeout –  LexRema Jan 28 '11 at 12:49

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You could also run the method asynchronosly. The CLR sp would end immediately and you could not return a result, but you would not have any timeout problems.

Disposing the Webreference should be done in the async callback.

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