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I'm using PHP and Zend to pull in my videos from YouTube. I'm authenticated with AuthSub and can post comments successfully.

I now wish to click on 'like' or 'dislike'. The PHP API guide only has the old star rating detailed:

But how can I do the same thing for the new rating system?

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I know the question is quite old, but hopefully my answer will be useful for anyone finding this post via Google.

The like/dislike element is documented at

and the protocol examples are at

The documentation says that in order to dislike/like a video, you can send an authenticated POST request to the video's ratings URL and set the value to "like"/"dislike".

As an alternative to setting like/dislike in your request (i.e. when using a library that requires numeric input) you could also rely on the fact that a 1 rating in the older numeric rating system corresponds to a "dislike" and a 5 rating corresponds to a "like".

Hope I could help.

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Also for future reference, here's how the same sort of operation can be done using version 3 of the YouTube Data API: YouTube API v3: Liking a video in Python

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