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I have a wierd problem that I can't seem to find the solution, probably it is very simple. the text is this: Login or register to add comments

<a href="/user/login?destination=node%2F1179%23comment-form">Login</a> or 
<a href="/user/register?destination=node%2F1179%23comment-form">register</a>
 to add comments

I want to customize this and add some classes for the links in order to personalize it

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If memory serves me right, you should be able to edit the comment form by adding a themename_comment_form($form) function in your template.php file and altering the form attributes. –  Russell Dias Jan 28 '11 at 13:09

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Override theme_comment_post_forbidden. To do that, in your theme (say it's called "example"), copy the code in the function that Drupal provides and make the appropriate changes.

function example_comment_post_forbidden() {
return t('<a class="login-link" href="@login">Login</a> or <a class="register-link"
href="@register">register</a> to post comments', array('@login' => url('user/login', 
array('query' => $destination)), '@register' => url('user/register', array('query' => 

Notice that I added a class attribute to each a element. Again, make sure you copy all the code and make changes only where you need to. Clear the cache to make sure Drupal registers the theme function.

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No need to add class if you can match these links using css selector. For example, with drupal 7 and default theme, you can use :

.comment_forbidden a
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I have drupal 6 and I need 2 different styles in both <A> –  PartySoft Jan 28 '11 at 15:23

redeclare that form using hook_form_alter and add some attributes to those fields.

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