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I create a new blank tab and its empty contents dynamic via an add new tab button.Just like firefox and chrome to click add new tab to create a new tab browser window. And then I click other links to load contents to the new created or current selected tab.*E.g*:

When Tab1 was selected,I click the link3 and load the contents of link3 to the Tab1.

So,I could using the current tab to load other external contents!

Thank you very much!!

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I'm not really sure what you're asking. –  Keith Rousseau Jan 28 '11 at 13:44

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To load a url in to the current tab you can do something like this:

$(".moreContent").click(function( event ){
    loadContent( this.href );
function loadContent( url ) {
    var selected = $tabs.tabs('option', 'selected');
    $tabs.tabs("url", selected , url ).tabs("load", selected);

Where the links you want to load in to the tabs have the class moreContent.

Here is a full example. Doesn't fully work because the /echo/html/ content has to be from a post request but should give you the idea.


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