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I don't have experience developing modules for Drupal nor extensions for Joomla! and I hear a lot of "Leave Joomla! and satrt with Drupal!". There's a simple fact though; Joomla! is much easier to use than Drupal (this is the opinion of most of the clients I worked for). Now, what remains for me to get to work with extension/module development is a bit of light on this question:

How do you compare developing extensions for Joomla! and module development for Drupal?

Thanks for your help :-)

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In response Joomla being easier to use, you should check out Drupal 7. Usability was a focus for this new version and some big improvements were made. –  Matt V. Jan 28 '11 at 16:27

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If you want to write a joomla extension, you have to be familiar with MVC design pattern. Drupal use hook design pattern, it will be easier.

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I disagree I'm trying to learn drupal now and MVC makes way more sense the hook... –  Cleanshooter Sep 5 '13 at 18:10

To be honest, developing for either is likely to require similar amounts of investment in time & effort. I am a Drupal developer but have developed for other CMS's too (although not Joomla) and I would say that Drupal's API makes the most sense and is quite easy to learn, particularly in Drupal 6/Drupal 7.

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