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I am using struts2.0 and the application is deployed and tested over tomcat 6.0.

As per requirement, my application (myApplication) has to redirect from a PHP site with domain name http://

When this PHP site redirects the request to my application it calls an action Action1 of my application, which further redirects to another action Action2. But while redirection it changes the domain name to Application's server IP (http://applicationServerIP:8080/myApplication/Action2 ). My expected result is (

Action configuration in sturts.xml is:

<action name="Action1" class="Action1">
    <result name="success" type="redirectAction">Action2</result>

<action name="Action2" class="Action2">
    <result name="success">/myJSP.jsp</result>

Any Help to solve this issue will be appreciated.

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By placing the following tag in /myJSP.jsp

<s:a>here</s:a> //I will write the current url as struts understands it.

Will show that struts will take the incoming url as the gospel in determining what the server name is.

So your application is being called with http://applicationServerIP:8080/myApplication/Action2 just change the call to

If this is not what you want you'll need to change the URL before it reaches struts2. Some containers have built in support for this or an add-on/plug-in (I just use iptables).

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