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We are using protobuf-net to serialize my WCF data contract. While serializing I am getting error "Duplicate tag 9 detected in FingerPrint" any suggestion?

I am not using any attribute like [ProtoContract], [ProtoInclude] or [Protomember; I am using [DataContract] and [DataMember] on my class.

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What does FingerPrint look like? – Marc Gravell Jan 28 '11 at 14:56

protobuf-net will (in the lack of something more explicit) use the Order from any [DataMember] attributes; so - are there any marked 9? How many? Each identifier must be unique per-type in protobuf-net.

Can you add a [ProtoMember] to give it a new identifier? If the file is code-generated, you can also have a partial class with [ProtoPartialMember] against the type (not the member), to achieve the same thing.

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I have only one property in the class whose order is 9.Order of FingerPrint property is 41.I have added [ProtoMember] attribute on all member of that particular class.But still getting same error.When i serialize the same using DataContractSerilizer then its working fine.Thanks in advance. – Vivek jain Jan 29 '11 at 9:20
Output of DataContractSerilizer is :-<Claim z:Id="i1"> <SalvageStatus/> <ClaimId>0</ClaimId> <CheckApproved>true</CheckApproved> <Holds/> <NoEnrollment>false</NoEnrollment> <Peril i:nil="true"/> <ClaimType i:nil="true"/> <EndCallDetails i:nil="true"/> <CheckDisclaimed>false</CheckDisclaimed> <LastModifiedBy i:nil="true"/> <CallInformations i:nil="true"/> <FingerPrint i:nil="true"/> </Claim> – Vivek jain Jan 29 '11 at 9:31
@vivek I can't repro from that, I'm afraid. If you can post (or send me directly - see profile) something I can use to repro, I can probably find the cause (I should note, I'm the author of that library) – Marc Gravell Jan 29 '11 at 10:26

ohh gr8 thanks for replying i figure out the issue why that happened. My classes contain one or more property (data member) with same order i.e order =9 that why i was getting that error. Now i am able to serialize and deserialize my classes let you know if i will face any other issue.It would be great if you tell me the limitation of the protobuf.net.

I am planning to replace all the serializer with this one.One more thing i want to add this serializer(protobuf.net) is 10 times faster then BinarySearilizer (As per my test app) Thanks one again.

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The first line is pretty much everything I already said ;p And to quote: "I have only one property in the class whose order is 9". Limitations? Works on trees, not graphs (which is common - XmlSerializer, JavaScriptSerializer and DataContractSerializer [by default] are all tree serializers); doesn't work well if all you know is that your type is object... and it isn't a friend of "MEX", but otherwise it rocks ;p – Marc Gravell Jan 30 '11 at 10:01
Thanks for replying.Now i am getting another error "No suitable Default RuleSet encoding found." We are using System.Workflow.Activities.Rules.RuleSet as a property of a class while serialization getting the above error.Even i am not able to serialize this using Datacontract serializer only NetDataContractSerializer can serialize.What i need to do for serialize using ProtoBuf ? – Vivek jain Jan 31 '11 at 6:48
I didn't see your last comment - I don't get notifications unless you include @Marc in the text; RuleSet probably isn't designed to be serialized by a contract-based serializer (NetDataContractSerializer is a field-based serializer, which is different). Normally I would recommend replacing (at the point of serialization) the RuleSet with a suitable DTO. However, it is hard to tell without more familiarity with WF. – Marc Gravell Feb 8 '11 at 7:22

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