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I'm navigating with the month back button and when you go to year < 1900 evil things start happening.

  • If you are on December and click back you go forward 23 months
  • If you are on January and click back you move forward 11 months
  • If you are on February it works as it should.
  • So on..

I have to be able to navigate to year 1000. I have extended the datepicker class and monthselector (bug is also there if I don't extend them) so I could find some kind of a law of how the years jump and add extra years but that seems a bit silly. Does anyone know a good fix?

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You'll have to use your own date object most likely. The Java.util.Date object was deprecated back in '97 and has a lot of very annoying traits among them being that getYear() returns " the year represented by this date, minus 1900." So for example:

Date myDate = new Date();  
int year = myDate.getYear(); //--> 111

On the Gwt Issues page for Calendar Emulation, several people talk about use a gwt joda-time object that is supposed to be a better Date object. You might also be able to try that.

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java.util.Date has not been deprecated. You are perhaps confusing the deprecation of the (calendar-specific) constructors to Date with the class itself. The class is certainly still in use and in fact acts as the underlying storage type for a Calendar (see Calendar.getTime()). – Kirk Woll Apr 14 '11 at 20:02
Sorry, you're right, just every getter/setter besides set/getTime() is deprecated. – John Apr 15 '11 at 12:49

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