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If a mostly-recent browser supports HTML5 Media, are the events defined the latest version of the spec reliable? By reliable, I mean that browsers support them and that they actually work. Is there anything similar to the When can I use ... site that is more DOM / API oriented?

I am working on something now, and am trying to manage the client's expectations about some interactions they want that will rely on the media events. Not having the events isn't a show stopper as far as user experience goes; I just want to up front with them about limitations.


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I would first recommend the excellent JavaScript library to detect HTML5 features: Modernizr.

I also recommend this site that shows you how to support a maximum number of browsers for video (even mobile): I couldn't post more than one link (bummer... anyway search the exact term on google: "video for everybody")

I have been playing around with video properties and events to create a custom player, it worked well on latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera. I haven't tried on Internet Explorer though...

You can use this excellent site to see how events are fired on a video element:


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Thanks for the response. Modernizr doesn't detect event support, which is what I mainly interested in. – MPD Jan 29 '11 at 15:06

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