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I have a base class Company_1_Canvas and another Company_2_Canvas.

I would like to put the Company_2_Canvas into the Company_1_Canvas.

In fact my first canvas should act as a container and not a canvas.

Do you have any idea to do this ?

Remarks : it is a little bit complex to explain why I need this (Design is not wonderfull I know) ! Sorry !

I have try to redefine the 'paint' method of the first canvas, but then the second canvas has NO 'graphics' object because it is not part of the controls hierarchy !

Notice that both canvas have C++ native methods that are playing with the canvas, so I cannot change this !

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Seems to be you're in canvas jail, as Canvas is not a Container and can't contain any other element. Furthermore, I can't imagine how both your component paint method will work together. – Riduidel Jan 28 '11 at 15:30
java.awt.Panel is what you need... maybe – bestsss Jan 28 '11 at 15:36

Optimal solution is to redesign and get away from this mess and Canvas completely.

Possible workaround would be to have Canvas1 pass a Graphics object to Canvas2 to have it draw on Canvas1.

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