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I am about to start a medium e-commerce site (+-200 items). the site must be in french and english. I have try and test wordpress with WPLM and shopp wich is a plugin solution. The question, do you know a real, nice, working, complete e-commerce system, that work great in multilingual site, for less that 200$, free is better... I can do php and css, and html, but tweeking oter code is not my favorite game.

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http://www.prestashop.com/ originates from French and it's multilingual. (I have no experience with using it, just evaluating it as possibility right now)

(would like to hear from more experienced people how PrestaShop can go really wrong and what should I watch for, so far I see lot of positive feedback everywhere with just minor things against it)

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Could this be useful to you? http://www.opencart.com/

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