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This is a quite simple issue to describe. This was tested on Firefox (3.6), IE (8) and Chrome (8).

Here is the file doesnotsubmit.html

    <input />
    <input />

When the focus is on one of the input and you press enter, nothing happens.

Below is the file doessubmit.html

    <input />

When the focus is on the input and you press enter, the form is submitted.

Any insight on this inconsistent behavior ?

I know the form lacks a submit button, and thus is not semantically correct. Anyway, the submit process was meant to automatically be handled through jQuery dialogs buttonpane's buttons, and I wouldn't know how to place an additional <input type="submit" />.

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If I had to guess I would say "not submitting" was desired behavior, but they added an exception to a form with one input for the sake of websites with search fields (which this is their typical pattern). Though I'm really on speculating here... –  Brad Christie Jan 28 '11 at 16:15
Well the insight is here, see the link to the HTML Spec –  user754151 May 15 '11 at 2:32

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user754151 is correct. This is a known bug but i guess you can get rid of it just intercepting the enter keypress event.

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