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I need help with a regular expression that will find matches in the strings below:



Basically, I want to return 'DOG' or 'CAT' from these paths.

Then I have similar strings (all start with 'my') that don't contain the underscore AFTER the value I want, and in that case I just want to return the FULL string -- in a match group.



This is the REGEXP that I have so far:


This correctly puts CAT & DOG in the matching group, but I'm having problems matching the other 2 strings. Obviously I left the hardcoded underscore in there just to show you what I started with -- but I need to modify this for the other case. Any help is appreciated! Thanks.

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This will get anything between a whitespace character followed by "my", and the next trailing underscore or whitespace character. try it out.

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This gave me a good start. I ended up getting as close as I could -- then handling the rest in code (doing search and replace). – tresstylez Jan 28 '11 at 18:29

Not sure why you need regex:

explode('_', $string);

First element will contain myDOG or myDEMO3. Remove 'my' if needed, it's not clear whether you want 'my' in your second case.

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You could do :

$list = array(' myDOG_test', 'myCAT_test',' myCentralReports', 'myDEMO3');

foreach($list as $elem) {
  preg_match("/^\s*my(.+?)(?:_|$)/", $elem, $m);
  echo "$elem : matches = ";print_r($m);


 myDOG_test : matches = Array
    [0] =>  myDOG_
    [1] => DOG
myCAT_test : matches = Array
    [0] => myCAT_
    [1] => CAT
 myCentralReports : matches = Array
    [0] =>  myCentralReports
    [1] => CentralReports
myDEMO3 : matches = Array
    [0] => myDEMO3
    [1] => DEMO3
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