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For some reason when I call a model I cannot use a different database config name besides default.

$carrier = new Model_Carrier('as400');

This is just goes back to the "default" config. Even if I rename or delete the default config, it still tries to go to it. I do have a "as400" config in my database.php file. If I set that as400 as my default it works, but I need other models to use the default which is MySQL. the as400 is NOT mysql. It's a ODBC driver I wrote.

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From Kohana documentation:

For each model, you can define which database configuration ORM will run queries on. If you override the $_db variable in your model, ORM will connect to that database.

In your case, in your models you can have this:

protected $_db = 'as400';

Edit Try using this instead:

$carrier = Model::factory('carrier', 'as400');
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I don't use the ORM. I am extending Model, but in theory that should still work. I put protected $_db = 'as400'; in my model but it still goes to the default – mikelbring Jan 28 '11 at 17:29
Ok, I've updated my answer. – dusan Jan 28 '11 at 17:42
It seemed I had to put the config name into my execute() too. I figured it would just execute() on what ever the model db was. – mikelbring Jan 28 '11 at 21:52
You put your preferred config only to execute() method. This way you build query once, execute it on as many configs/databases as you want. – egis Jan 31 '11 at 12:19
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When I ran the query, I had to do put the database config name in the execute parameter. I don't understand why it won't go by the database I defined already in the query.

$result = DB::query(Database::SELECT, $sql)
              ->param(':search', strtoupper($search).'%')
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For anyone still looking at this problem from an ORM model; the variable for a diferente DB configuration its $_db_group

So you would have

$_db_group = 'as400';
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