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I'm calling a webservice using jQuery with .ajax

Here are the data parameters for the call:

  var parameters = "{'Titre':'" + Titre + "','Description':'" + Description + "','Contact':'" + Contact + "','VilleId':'" + VilleId + "','QuartierId':'" + QuartierId + "','UserId':'" + UserId + "'}";

It works fine. But when parameters Description or Titre contain the ' character , no call!!!

Does anyone have an idea how can i make it work even with apostrophe character in Titre and/or Description?

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I would use a json encoder. Douglas Crockford's JSON in JavaScript seems a good choice.

Then you just write

 var param = JSON.stringify({ 'Titre': Titre, 'Description': Description });

and let the master worry about the quoting.

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it works fine.Thank you very much. –  user594166 Jan 28 '11 at 17:52
How can i precise that the question is answered. –  user594166 Jan 28 '11 at 17:53
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Try escaping the apostrophe:

    var parameters = "{
         'Titre':'" + Titre.replace(/'/g,"\'") + 
//                          ^
        "','Description':'" + Description + 
        "','Contact':'" + Contact + 
        "','VilleId':'" + VilleId + 
        "','QuartierId':'" + QuartierId + 
        "','UserId':'" + UserId + "'}";
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you mean Titre.replace(/'/g,"\\'") –  balint May 5 '12 at 14:39

You probably need to encode the values to be safely passed in a URL.


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You can try escaping it:

var str = "asdfsd'asdfadf";
str = str.replace("'", "\'");
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