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I was wondering if anyone knows of any nice GUIs for autotest?

I already know about all the plugins distributed with autotest (growl, knotify etc.), what I want is a little more.

I would like a GUI that displays the total count of failed tests at all times. I would like the GUI to allow me to click through to the failing test (have them open them in vim) I would like to see the stack trace next to each failing test. But I don't want the view too cluttered.

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There's a good chance it's not what you're looking for since it's an entire IDE, but Netbeans has some really neat Ruby testing support:

The built-in testing framework in Ruby, Test::Unit, is supported directly. You can create new unit tests from the New menu. You run your unit tests by just invoking Run File (Shift-F6) on files. This opens a test results window with the output from executing the unit tests and test result statistics. Double-clicking the nodes in the statistics panel takes you to the corresponding declaration location in the editor, and you can navigate to the next/previous failure using the arrow buttons.

alt text

You also get test coverage (it will color code your files as well so you can immediately see what what lines are tested and what aren't):

alt text

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That's neat ... but Im very much a Vim guy – Sam Saffron Jan 27 '09 at 23:01
And now RoR support is being dropped from NetBeans:… – JeffH Jan 31 '11 at 3:01
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FWIW I started a new project on github which aims to solve this problem. It's really basic at the moment, but it works for me.

Here is a pic


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