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I have a small jQuery selectors question, I have the following html:

<div class="member-info first"></div>
<div class="member-info"></div>
<div class="member-info"></div>

I want to hide (using jQuery) all the divs that holds the "member-info" class, but not the one holding the "first" class, any thoughts?

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This uses the not-selector(docs) to exclude elements with the first class.

Or if the purpose of the first class is simply to identify the first, then do this instead:


This uses the slice()(docs) method to return a set starting with the second match.

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+1 slice() is going to be way faster because it's just removing an element from an array rather than having jquery check the class on each element again. –  Keltex Jan 28 '11 at 17:47
@Keltex: I agree. As long as the first class is always on the first match in the set, doing a slice will be the way to go. –  user113716 Jan 28 '11 at 17:49
@Keltex true, but the clearer one should be chosen, as class selection isn't likely to make any noticeable impact. (As always when related to performance, profile before and after) –  cobbal Jan 28 '11 at 17:49
Shouldn't be slice(0) ? –  sports Jul 13 '13 at 5:28






All possible ways that come to my mind. I also made JavaScript performance comparison where you can find some unexpectable results.

All of this samples work with v1.10.* of jQuery.

Most times this one is the fastest $(".member-info").slice(1).hide(); and looks like relevant, not brainstormed answer

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Use the :not() selector. For example:


If first is really always the first child, try

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This doesn't quite answer your question, but you could skip the first matched element using gt.

For example:


See: http://api.jquery.com/gt-selector/

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Thanks @Jon- this one helped me out a good bit. Not sure why the others weren't. –  Hairgami_Master Mar 26 '13 at 18:33

This should work:


Using not().

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how about $('.member-info').not('.first').hide();

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I came across this issue as well. However, I did not conveniently have a class named first marking my element for exclusion. Here was the solution I used for the selector in the context of this example:

$('.member-info:not(:first)');//grab all .member-info except the first match
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@AuthorProxy, @David Thomas and @Maximilian Ehlers all suggest $('.member-info').not('.first').hide(); in their answers which is a very fast, and very readable solution.

Because of the way jQuery selectors are evaluated right-to-left, the quite readable ".member-info:not(.first)" is actually slowed down by that evaluation.

A fast and easy to read solution is indeed using the function version .not(".first") or even just .not(":first"):


$(".member-info").not(".first").hide();   // Class selector


$(".member-info").not(":first").hide();   // Positional selector

JSPerf of related selectors: http://jsperf.com/fastest-way-to-select-all-expect-the-first-one/6

.not(':first') is only few percentage points slower than slice(1), but is very readable as "I want all except the first one".

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