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We are building a software package for logistic companies to run their operations such as customer management, load management, fleet management etc...

The idea is that this will be sold as a web based "Software as a Service". So each client will be setup with their own operations database.

The powers that be have decided to incorporate an accounting package in with this software to make it a more one stop solution for our customer base. So now I have the decision to buy or build. I know that building a double entry accounting system is NOT going to be the quick or easy way to go. So right now I am looking to see what options are out there for integrating an existing package with our application.

Can anyone suggest or recommend a good web based double entry accounting system? We are open to commercial or open source products at this time.

We are operating in a Windows environment. Our base operations application is ASP.NET 4.0 with MS SQL 2008 R2 backend. I would prefer to find something that we can truly integrate into our product.

If you know of anything, please reply to this post. Thanks for the communities help in advance.

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There are a lot of possibilities, none of them perfect. I would definitely consider Quickbooks. They have versions up to Enterprise, which will service larger companies. They have some good API's, a huge developer base, a lot of really good integration tools, and best of all, almost gauranteed a majority of your potential clients are already using it. Also, Quickbooks has very competitive pricing.

Another option would be FinancialForce.com. This may end up being more expensive though.

Check here for some help with finding an accounting system that meets your requirements.

I am in a similar situation as you. I want to build something for a vertical market, but I would really like the accounting piece included. It's a big task to build that though, and in the end, you will spend way more resources trying to keep the accounting piece alive and working, than you will get in return for having a "one-stop-shop" solution.

Also, it is very common for accounting systems to be separate from the other operations systems. Integrate them, yes, but separate is good. It helps separate accounting processes from your other processes. Just feed the accounting system with the output from your operations systems, and you will be golden.

Hope this helps.

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I agree with above. Quickbooks is definitely a good option. However, I usually go to a good business software directory to view the options, where I can compare products. I believe that Capterra and Buissy.com are good sites where you can find good accounting software.

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