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Here's something I don't know if it's possible, but here's my question:

My jQuery application has dynamically added entry fields. For example, a button "Add New Customer" adds a new entry form after the current one. So far, so good!

However, I find myself needing to add the mask functions I want to every newly created field, like this:


zipcodeMask(...) is just an example function that checks to make sure the user's entered a correct zip code. Other similar masks for phone numbers, credit cards, etc. This part works great, but I have to set it for every newly created element I want to have a zip code mask.

I thought it would be awesome if there was something like '.live()' that could do the .zipcodeMask() call for every future instance of the zip code field.

I thought I'd make a class, such as "UseZipCodeMask", and do something like class="UseZipCodeMask" in every input field that needs a zip code mask.

When I do this:


This works fine - for every existing element that has this class. If I create a new field with this class, it's doesn't have the .zipcodeMask(...) function working.

Is there a way to make my zip code fields get .zipcodeMask(...) automatically set for it? It would clean up the code a bit, there's a lot of code that adds .zipcodeMask() and other related functions every time some new input fields are created.

Thanks very much!

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What jquery version are you using? You can use .delegate which means you would not have to "add the plugin" to newly created elements.

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