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I want to build a structured document editor using Qt. The base concept for v1 is nested sections, each section having a title and one or more paragraphs. Sections and paragraphs are distinct visual units (probably via background shading). I also need to be able to store character-level semantics (ie: this run of text is associated with reference X). If I wanted to build a read-only view of this it would be doable with QFrame for the sections and a QLabel for each title and each paragraph. To make this editable I'm pretty sure I can capture all keyboard events to the window and implement a cursored text-entry-and-editing feel that way.

What I'm having trouble with is how to handle copy/paste.

I want the clipboard interactions to feel native: that is, ctrl+c/v on window, command+c/v on OSX, ctrl+c/v for clipboard on X, select to copy for PRIMARY on X, middle click to paste for PRIMARY on X, etc.

The standard text editing controls in Qt handle all of this just fine. I'm wondering if there is some sort of "paste event" or similar that I can grab to implement the same thing in my custom widget? Is there another way?

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There's no paste signal/event as far as i know to listen to, though there's nothing stopping you from taking a sneak look at how the paste() slot is implemented in widgets like QLineEdit and implement your own if possible. The afferent signal is not that important, since it's just a signal and you can trigger that whenever you desire(eg. Ctrl+v, context menu or program menu).

LE: If i think better, you might be thinking this the wrong way, you don't need a signal, you just need the slot that you can call whenever the action is called by any means you wish(eg. ctrl+v). Once you have the slot(QClipboard), it's just a matter of properly connecting it to the desired triggering actions/signals.

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