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Hey guys, I´m developing a blackberry app, which reads a xml file and show certain images reading their urls from this xml file. The problem I´m getting is that sometimes, it shows every image like it´s supposed to, but sometimes it does not. It just shows some of them and the rest are not shown. This happens both in the simulator and an actual device. Also, if running in the simulator, when showing all images fails, I found out that it losts internet connection, and even if I launch the browser and hit any site, I can´t. On the other hand, if the app fails in the actual phone, and I launch the browser, I can navigate just fine. When fails, if I go back and forward it somehow activates the downloads again and finishes the work.

Any comments will be very much appreciated.

I´m using Eclipse, Blackberry JRE 4.5.0 The phone is a Blackberry bold There is 74 MB of space available on the device


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Need to see some code.... maybe you're not closing the HTTP connection objects or the streams. Otherwise we're just guessing and you might as well say it's due to the phase of the moon. –  Eric Giguere Jan 28 '11 at 19:56
are you sending multiple requests at same time if no. of threads exceed beyond 16 in 4.5 then sometimes it hangs up also and some times shows too many threads error. Do u face this? –  Swati Jan 31 '11 at 6:50

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