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I have a comboBox with all the months in it.

What I need to know is the number of days in that month.

var month = cmbMonth.SelectedIndex + 1;
DateTime date = Convert.ToDateTime(month);

So if I user selects January, I need to save 31 to a variable. Thanks.

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You want DateTime.DaysInMonth:

int days = DateTime.DaysInMonth(year, month);

Obviously it varies by year, as sometimes February has 28 days and sometimes 29. You could always pick a particular year (leap or not) if you want to "fix" it to one value or other.

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Use System.DateTime.DaysInMonth, from code sample:

const int July = 7;
const int Feb = 2;

// daysInJuly gets 31.
int daysInJuly = System.DateTime.DaysInMonth(2001, July);

// daysInFeb gets 28 because the year 1998 was not a leap year.
int daysInFeb = System.DateTime.DaysInMonth(1998, Feb);

// daysInFebLeap gets 29 because the year 1996 was a leap year.
int daysInFebLeap = System.DateTime.DaysInMonth(1996, Feb);
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