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I have been looking at http://www.nytimes.com/chrome and wondering how I can achieve a similar functionality to theirs. More specifically, notice that when you re-size your browser window, the amount of stories and their dimensions change dynamically.

In my case, I have a fluid-width <div> with an unordered list inside and I would like to dynamically adjust number of elements being displayed (<li>) based on the browser window dimensions.

Is there a Javascript library that can help me achieve this?

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It's called responsive design. There also css frameworks that supports this type of design like Less Framework 3 or Flaw{LESS} CSS Framework.

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I use these three articles as references for this type of thing:

The two main techniques for really fluid websites are:

  1. Different themes depending on the size of the browser (this can be implemented with CSS meda queries, JavaScript, etc.)
  2. Each of those themes are defined with percentages/ems, not pixels. (This goes for everything in the theme: text, boxes, images, everything.)

Ethan Marcotte, the guy who wrote all those articles, has an example site employing these ideas.

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You also might want to check out this plugin: Smart Columns. I have used it and it is excellent for this type of layout.

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