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I tried to ask this question once before but I didnt supply enough info. I have a form on a web site that I do not control so I can't change the web. From my app I need to be able to click the submit button after I fill out the needed text.

The text fills in ok, but the submit just refreshes the screen. I am wondering if I have to call Java or something?

The VBNet part looks this this:


I also tried this:

 Browser1.Document.GetElementById("Search").InvokeMember ("submit")

The web page html is this:

<form style="display: inline;" name="Search" method="post" 

onsubmit="clearDefault(this.freetext); this.action=addCategory(escape(this.freetext.value) + this.category_id.value + '.html'); return true;">

    <table class="innerTable" border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tbody><tr>
        <td><input style="width: 131px;" value=" enter name" name="freetext" size="9" onfocus="clearDefault(this);" type="text"></td>

        <td><input class="search" src="/images/search.gif" value="Search" title="Search" type="image"></td>
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Have you tried InvokeMember("click") ?

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You must set .AllowNavigation property to "TRUE"

Browser1.AllowNavigation = True

And call submit method like this



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