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I am sending over a JavaScript Array to ActionScript. The JavaScript code is as follows:

var theSWF = window.document.getElementById('swfID');
var someID = '42';
var somethingElse = '23';
theSWF.someMethodExpectingArray([someID, somethingElse]);

The ActionScript code is as follows:

ExternalInterface.addCallback("someMethodExpectingArray", myClass.arrayMethod);

public function arrayMethod( arrayInput:Array ) { // Do stuff with the array }

When I run this on Safari for Windows, arrayInput is null. However, this method works fine in Safari for Mac, IE, FF, Chrome, and the variable holds the actual array.

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Does it work when you send the data to AS3 as a string (JSON)?

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Yes, that approach works, but I didn't want to have to it that way, unless I had to, and thought that it should work with Arrays as well. – Raul Agrait Jan 31 '11 at 22:19

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