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I have a requirement to create internationalization with regular text files (perhaps simple xml). The file needs to be modifiable from a text editor and that changes in it do not require recompilation of the code.

Is there a suggested solution (.net framework's or 3rd party) for such a thing?

Thank you

UPDATE: I am talking about localization, sorry. What I require is to have a text file, which can be translated and used by application without the need for VisualStudio or recompilation. You change a text file, and it all works.


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I don't know of any existing solutions, however you can rather easily create your own ResourceProvider.

Here are some good links to get you going:

This one is great!

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thanks for your mention. @Massive: Have you ever seen orchard project? They are use T() for processing all localization. And after that we can plugin any locale that we want. I think it is very good to reference. Please see for more information – thangchung Jun 1 '11 at 15:31

I am guessing your talking about localization. I have found this very hard to do after the fact. We used Multi Language Software to help us add it to existing projects. It is an ok tool. I have struggled with it sometimes but not to much. If anything it can help you come up with a plan to do it better.

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