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I try to use ComboBox on FormPanel, it is defined like this:

      xtype:          'combo',
      name:           'Reasons',
      store:          new{
        id:      0,
        fields:  [ 'myId', 'displayText' ],
        data: [ [ 1, 'Reason 1' ], [ 2, 'Second Reason' ], [ 3, 'Something else' ] ]
      typeAhead:      false,
      mode:           'local',
      valueField:     'myId',
      displayField:   'displayText',
      allowBlank:     false,
      editable:       false,
      forceSelection: true

I would like to act like a ordinary select element, when I have editable as false I not able to re-select anymore, when as true ( default ) I need to remove selection ( by backspace or delete ) in order to re-select.

What else I should turn off in order to downgrade combobox to select or shpuld I consider to use other component instead ?

My concern is if I really need ordinary select (not quite ordinary - ability to have store and manipulate options is very cool) - combox seems to me next level element what got too many features which I need to turn off, and combox is rendered as input with arrow down image what trigger all action....

My question is: Is it ExtJS element what is using HTML select tag, acting as select, rendering as select ?

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can you post the full function call to Ext.Combobox – Chandu Jan 29 '11 at 0:31
Maybe a dumb question, but which version of extJS are you using? (I can't seem to find in the 2.3.0 documentation and FireBug says " is not a constructor" when I'm trying to run the script (version file on the server says v.2.2)) – aliceraunsbaek Feb 4 '11 at 1:55
We're currently at ExtJS 3.3.x - so you should consider your version outdated. – Stefan Gehrig Feb 4 '11 at 1:55
And 4.0 beta is lurking around the corner – Mchl Feb 4 '11 at 1:55
3.3.x is used - so got, I do not consider update to 4.0 - please focus on question what is about select element not discusion about ExtJS versions... – bensiu Feb 4 '11 at 1:55

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The trick is to use triggerAction: 'all' - it forces the combo dropdown to show all items when you click the down-arrow icon (trigger).

That's probably the most counter-intuitive config option of ExtJS. And it's impossible to figure out what it really does by reading the docs. And like you say, to get a simple combo, you have to specify a myriad of config options, just to turn the fancy stuff off.

The ExtJS guys have promised to fix this in ExtJS 4, but until then I suggest you create your own ComboBox class that's configured the way most often needed in your app. For example I have something like this in my current project:

 * Simple combo, that just allows to choose from a list of values.
var StaticComboBox = Ext.extend(Ext.form.ComboBox, {
  mode: 'local',
  triggerAction: 'all',
  editable: false,
  valueField: 'value',
  displayField: 'label',
   * @cfg {[[String]]} data
   * Items in combobox as array of value-label pairs.
  data: [],

  initComponent: function() { = new{
      fields: ['value', 'label'],

Having that, I can create a simple combo with just a few lines:

new StaticComboBox({
  name: 'Reasons',
  data: [
    [1, 'Reason 1'],
    [2, 'Second Reason'],
    [3, 'Something else']
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