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I am looking around for a tool to automate the collation of two collections into each other and I think Automapper should work for this. We have many instances of this operation and I would like to centralize this logic into a single area.

I have the following two classes:

public class Product
    public IEnumerable<Order> CurrentCustomerOrders { get;set; }

public class Order
    order properties

And they are retrieved via the following calls:

_repo.GetTable<Order>().Where(n => n.CustomerId = _customerId);

What I want is to put all the Orders into the Products or something like this:

Mapper.CreateMap<IEnumerable<Order>, IEnumerable<Product>>()
  .ForEachMember(n => n.CurrentCustomerOrders), opt => opt.MapFrom(p => p.Where(Order.ProductId == Product.ProductId))

How would I go about doing this using Automapper? Or do you know of a better tool to do this?


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Usually you would do the filtering first using Linq or something and then do the mapping. Automapper is just a mapping tool.


Product.CurrentCustomerOrders = 
     Mapper.Map<OrderDO, Order>(Orders.Where(o => o.ProductId == Product.ProductId));
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