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I'm trying to construct a SQL query that I think requires multiple JOIN's, but I don't know the syntax.

Here is a rough example of the Tables (with column names) for each.

T1 (key, name)

T2 (key, fkeyT1)

T3 (key, fkeyT2)

I want to get all the rows from T3 that are linked to rows in T2 that are linked to rows in T1 with a given name.

I figure I'll need at least 2 JOIN's; I've got the first JOIN I think:

ON T3.fkeyT2 = T2.key

I figure I'll need to take these results and do another JOIN with T1 but I'm not sure of the syntax.

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You probably want something like

  FROM t3 INNER JOIN t2 ON (t3.fkeyT2 = t2.key)
          INNER JOIN t1 ON (t2.fkeyT1 = t1.key)
 WHERE = 'Foo'
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What about the WHERE clause (i.e. WHERE = 'Foo')? Does that just go after the second JOIN statement? – user297250 Jan 29 '11 at 1:45
@Brendan - Added a WHERE clause – Justin Cave Jan 29 '11 at 1:53
You can also join back to the same table again like: SELECT * FROM course AS courseStuff INNER JOIN prerequisite AS prereqStuff ON (courseStuff.classId= prereqStuff.classId) INNER JOIN course AS prereqCourse ON (prereqStuff.prereqClass = prereqCourse.classId) WHERE courseStuff.courseName = "Calculus" – Richard Brightwell Sep 26 '12 at 22:55
I think this would be an Oracle example: SELECT "c"."courseName", "p"."courseName" FROM"course" "c", "prerequisites" "x", "course" "p" WHERE "c"."courseNumber"="x"."courseNumber" AND "x"."prerequiteCourseNumber" = "c"."courseNumber" – Richard Brightwell Sep 26 '12 at 23:23

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