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First time, When I load page, my select box is empty:

<select name="secondaryTitle" id="secondaryTitle"></select>

Then I make ajax call and get the json data for above select box.

arrtitle = objSecTitle.getAllSecondaryTitle(serviceId); // its an ajax call, that returns json object
var obj = jQuery("#secondaryTitle");
    obj.options.length=obj.options.length + 1;
    obj.options[obj.options.length - 1].text = arrtitle[i][1];
    obj.options[obj.options.length - 1].value = arrtitle[i][0];
function removeAllOptions(selectbox){
    var i;

My ajax call is perfect. Above code also changes the drop-down items. But UI will not be updated when we use jQuery Mobile, as it show/hide different div for selection popup.

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Never mind!

I should check documentation properly:

//refresh value         

//refresh and force rebuild
$('#secondaryTitle').selectmenu('refresh', true);
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OMG this took me so long to find! I have tried everything for days now. Thanks! –  Mick Knutson Nov 24 '11 at 14:19
you should better use .trigger('create') –  TecHunter Feb 24 '12 at 14:13

Don't ask me why, but this only worked for me until I used double quotes ->"<- for all strings involved in this instruction:

$("#secondaryTitle").selectmenu("refresh", true);//working

I had it like this:

$('#secondaryTitle').selectmenu('refresh', true);//not working

and it not worked :S :S :S

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