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jar problem in java

hi I created jar file for my project. It is running succussfully. I have one 'lib' folder,and in 'lib' folder,there are following other jars:

lib/hector-0.6.0-17.jar lib/selenium-java-client-driver.jar. These external jars are necessary to run my project. So I added these jars in MANIFEST.MF in my main jar file as follows:

>>Class-Path: lib/hector-0.6.0-17.jar lib/selenium-java-client-driver.jar

my 'lib' folder is in the following directory:

/Projects/EnwelibDatedOct13/lib & my main jar is also in the same directory: /Projects/EnwelibDatedOct13/abc.jar when I put my main jar 'abc.jar' with 'lib' folder like this,then only it is working. now when I run my jar using command: java -jar /Projects/EnwelibDatedOct13/abc.jar arguments... then it is running succussfully.

When I put my main jar with 'lib' folder then only my abc.jar is running.

But my problem is that,when I put my main jar abc.jar somewhere else,in another location, now my jar location is:/Projects/abc.jar,and now when I run my jar as follows:

java -jar /Projects/abc.jar arguments...

then it is not running.

So I want to run my main jar 'abc.jar' by putting it in another location,I dont want to put it with where the 'lib' folder is located. So please tell me what changes I need to do. Is my MANIFEST.MF file correct? or is there need to add something else in 'abc.jar',so my
jar will run independantly.

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Your launching script should automatically do a 'cd' to the folder where your main jar is located (as I believe the jvm is trying to locate the lib/* jars from the folder where you are attempting to run your jar.

Other solutions is to use your own custom JRE and put all required jars in the jre/ext folder. You may also consider using JSmooth or similar wrapping utility. Sometime, creating one jar by extracting all jars is also acceptable.

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