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I have a site in development, and I do have enabled htpasswd for hiding my development work.
I was wondering if I can have home page without htpasswd protection. I'm using codeigniter as my framework.
Is there is way I can make the my www.domain.com protection less and asd.domain.com, www.domain.com/abc with password protected via htaccess and htpasswd ?

In my virtualhost in Apache I have setup

 ServerName domain.com
 ServerAlias *.domain.com
 DocumentRoot /home/m4k/public_html/domain/
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All sites CI?

If so, a KIS would be to add an include in top of controller that

  • Check ['SERVER_NAME']

  • If protected site, check IP / cookie or whatever security you'd like

  • If cookie-pwd, add side script that set cookie upon successful password.

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There is no multiple site, its just one codeigniter folder. –  m4k Jan 29 '11 at 13:44

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