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I am designing a website using JSF + EJBS + JPA, etc. JAVA EE 6 to sum up.

You can create an article, and over time if it meets certain conditions (say 1000 views) it's awarded a "1000 views badge."

The problem arises when I want to create new badges dynamically. I have a badge entity class, and all badges are fetched from a database. How can I dynamically establish conditions for a badge to be awarded to an article, since the behavior depends on each instance rather than its type?

For instance the business logic for evaluating the meeting requirements for a '1000 views badge' is very different from the one used in a 'best rated article of the week' etc. Also, what if the number of badges grows?

I can't just extend a class because it doesnt make sense, so I figured I'm not looking at this the right way.

Any thoughts on how would you implement it?

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Implement a @Singleton, which has a method running once in a period(once per hour or per 24 hours). It will have a collection of classes to check the posts for some conditions. If you want a new badge, just add a class.

public class Watchdog implements Serializable {
    /** The Constant serialVersionUID. */
    private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L;

    /** The em. */
    private EntityManager em;

    private List<PostChecker> checkers = new ArrayList<PostChecker>();

    public void init() {
      checkers.add(new ThousandViewChecker());
      checkers.add(new PopularPostChecker());


    public void monitor() {
       for (PostChecker checker : checkers) {


If you don't want to add a class each time, create some xml file with the rules of badge awarding and create a factory of checkers, which will construct their badge rules using those xml files. Then to add a badge you will need just to add an xml.

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+1 simply because the code resulted in "check 'em". –  DevEight Jan 29 '11 at 9:45
How would you implement it on xml? It's not an attribute but rather java code that has to resolve to true or false. Can I execute a String? –  arg20 Jan 29 '11 at 21:20

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