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I'm using smoothscroll.js to navigate my site. It stops on the correct anchor in Firefox, however in Chrome it passes the point on the first click of the link, and pushes the content to the top, hiding the content behind the page. then if you click it again, it aligns correctly. I've seen the problems on other sites as well. Curious to see if others have the same problem. Chrome seems to ignore any top padding or margin or positioning (example: top:20%;).

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SOLVED: http://nicolasgallagher.com/jump-links-and-viewport-positioning/demo/#method-D

There are several methods available.

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I'm having trouble understanding how the #target in these methods correlates to the <a name="anchor"></a>. I was trying <a href="#target"></a> - like in the demo- but no go. Any tips? –  ATSiem Oct 2 '12 at 3:46
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I used Local Scroll (JQuery) to do this.

It allows you to do a top offset

    offset: -100
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This may be due to a new wordpress theme using the header html5 element. I changed my header to a div, and it worked fine.

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