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I validate user input twice actually. While user is typing I check the input to provide some feedback to the user.

When the user submits the form I validate the input again to check whether the input is correct.

I think using both would cause redundancy and I would like to avoid that.

Is it correct to have just the first validation method? What do you think?

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One thing you will definitely miss if you only validate while the user is typing is empty fields.

I think the best of both worlds is to add a "valid" class to valid inputs in your as-you-type validation. Then on submit, skip checking the inputs that have this class.

That said, client-side validation is mainly for the user experience. Server-side validation can always pick up on and notify the user of any errors the client-side validation missed. So it is up to you here to decide how much the client-side validation should do based on your form.

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"skip checking the inputs that have this class" you don't mean skiping on the server side right? – Mauricio Jan 29 '11 at 9:18
@Mauricio, I actually meant skipping during the submit phase on the client side. Server side validation should never be skipped. – Box9 Jan 29 '11 at 10:14

I think you should Just validate on onblur() event for each field (Enough for client side).

And also validate on Server side , can't trust user input .

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